Fabri Literary Prize Winner

Reservation Nation


“This astonishing book takes readers into the silent heart of the Uwharrie Reservation.”
Los Angeles Times

“Cook's beautifully modulated, speechlike cadences give his debut novel a quiet power.”
-Publishers Weekly

David Fuller Cook’s deceptively easygoing style masks a tightly composed prose piece of remarkable subtly and texture. With a penchant for epigram to rival Mark Twain and a poetic flow reminiscent of Hemingway, Cook makes us realize the truly American roots of our best authors.

The book's narrator, The Seed, lives in a metaphorical reservation land of the Uwharries in the United States. The Seed speaks eloquently of the conflict between his native heritage and the white man's ways, he is a man of no time and place. “The Uwharrie don’t have a word for time,” he reminds us. “A better word for time is story.”

Reservation Nation is both dreamlike and painfully real, a delicate tribute to the power of story and myth, and an exquisitely written meditation on both the fragility and strength of culture, family, and faith.”
Tara Ison, author of The List

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